OGN-03-VLNA R4 - Very Low Noise Amplifier designed for OGN Base Stations

  • EPPT OGN Receiver located in central Poland at the Aeroklub Ziemi Piotrkowskiej
  • Current receiver setup:
  • Performance (up to 2019.09.06):
    Open Glider Network Range data (2019.09.11). Click image to enlarge.

    One minute spectrogram recorded on 2019.04.15 with DVBT dongle only, no external LNA connected. Noise level fluctuactions
    visible, generated most probably by the IMD from local BTS stations. Click image to enlarge.

    One minute spectrogram recorded in the evening on 2019.09.03 with OGN-03-VLNA connected, when we have the highest LTE800
    activity from our local BTS stations. Very clean spectrum, no traces of LTE IMD, high activity visible. About +8...+10dB SNR
    improvement due to the overall system noise figure reduction and LNA high power gain. A lot of weak signals on the left side are now
    clearly visible. Click image to enlarge.

    OTH (over-the-horizon) receiving record for EPPT via atmospheric duct on 12 May 2019. Click image to enlarge.

    High overall sensitivity. Often > 30dB@10km (Source: Grafana [EPPT])